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Official R&D status


Every sector is different and so is every organisation. But nowadays, one common reality exists that counts: Innovation results in more successful businesses, better processes and higher quality products or services. We provide solutions of this kind at our R&D Center in Istanbul for our international partners and customers. Our talented team masters both new and existing software technologies.


As confirmation of the heavy emphasis we put on research and development, Triodor Turkey received the status of a certified R&D Center by the Turkish government in December 2010. This status further helps and motivates us to embark on more challenging projects for our customers to increase their profitability, productivity and competitiveness. It also provides many advantages such as the ability to invest in more staff, in personal and organisational development as well as good contacts with universities and other knowledge centers, which again makes Triodor Software R&D an interesting employer for talented developers besides being a prospective partner for existing and potential customers.


Here with us, you would be a part of a strong technology provider in the global market and enjoy a company culture where high-tech joins good working spirit and ambition, just as that over 100 software engineers, testers and analysts are experiencing right now.


  R&D Center in Istanbul consists of ambitious, career-oriented and motivated employees. 
 The Development center was awarded a specific R&D status in Turkey in 2010.
 The R&D status gained will benefit Triodor in many ways.