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Professional developers
We are always looking for new talented professionals to join our growing team of software development experts. Because we create dedicated teams for each customer and project, we can offer positions from different kinds of projects. As our need for new developers is constantly growing with new projects starting and older ones expanding, we have a regular need for developers with different skills. We aim to fill those positions with the best professionals who are dynamic, energetic, creative and innovative and who want to work with the latest technologies. Besides this, we are on the lookout for candidates who match the company values and who are able to meet our technical and role-specific requirements at a more senior level.

If you are interested, please refer to our current openings for Professional Software Developers. You can apply for each position individually by sending your CV to hr@triodor.eu, specifying the position you are applying for. If you cannot find a relevant position from the current vacancies you may still submit your CV to be stored in our database. In this way we can contact you later if a position suitable for your skills and experience becomes available.