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Developing our people

As a company providing software-outsourcing solutions, we know that our people are the key to our success. Each employee's contribution is invaluable for us. We want our people to know their importance to us, and offer a workplace with possibilities for growth and development.


You can start as an intern, as a young graduate or a software developer and we will offer you a chance to move forward and build on your own career. We recognize the importance of career development and therefore want to offer a place where you can realise a professional future. Meanwhile you can take part in different projects working in different teams and with different people. We are constantly launching new projects and expanding current ones, which enable us to provide various transfer possibilities for our people inside within the company. 


Besides career development we also emphasise the importance of professional and personal development. We want to encourage our people to stay up to date with the latest technologies and new achievements in the industry, but also to emphasise the importance of maintaining and improving their technical skills. We believe in the importance of constant development and want our people to learn something new to stay motivated and feel challenged in their jobs.


When working at Triodor Software R&D you will be an important part of our organization, no matter what your position is. We believe in the importance of learning and development, and want to offer our people a workplace where they can build their careers and achieve their goals.


 Our people enable our success
 Career and personal development opportunities