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 Pinar Alasli
Manager of Operations

 Adil Asik
Manager of Operations

 Hidir Aygul
Manager of Operations

Working at Triodor

Scrum Methodology

To minimise unpleasant situations resulting from unstructured meetings, we chose to follow what Scrum methodology introduces for meetings. The Scrum methodology for meetings consists of ‘Daily Scrums’, ‘Sprint Planning Meetings’, ‘Sprint Review Meetings’, and ‘Sprint Retrospectives’. Daily Scrums are short meetings held to analyse the progress of a current sprint. This short but effective daily activity enables everyone to know what is going on.


The aim of the Sprint Planning Meeting is to find out the time it will take to complete a certain amount of work. The Sprint Review Meetings are then held at the end of each sprint to review completed and incomplete work. The last meeting we hold is the Sprint Retrospective. This is the time for the members of the team to express their ideas related to the past sprint. The evaluation is made to process improvements for future sprints.



At Triodor we use many emerging technologies, but our main focus is web-based programming using the latest Microsoft tools such as Microsoft.Net, Visual Studio and MVC. Besides Microsoft, we have expert teams of Java, PHP and Progress developers. We have also gained considerable knowledge and expertise in Mobile development platforms such as Android and iOS. We are advocates of agile software methodologies and use Scrum for all our projects.


Customer relationships

Triodor is not only a traditional service/product company; we are an integrated part of our customers' value chains, providing them with solutions which let them focus on their primary business and so become more successful.

Long-term availability, sustainable qualitative service/product delivery and continuity are important characteristics of Triodor, which enables our customers to establish long-term relations or partnerships with us. Customers would like to receive cost effective, on time delivery and quality products. We provide these by clear and well-defined internal and external communication methods. Customers are involved and well informed at all stages of product development. We also ensure that our team members are aware of the importance of communication and are customer oriented.


 Scrum methodology for meetings introduces a structured and effective communications method that we use in all of our projects.
 At Triodor many emerging technologies are employed.
 We aim to build strong and lasting relationships with our customers through effective daily communication.