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 Metin Gucer
Manager of Operations

Why work at Triodor?

At Triodor Software we believe in many things. We want to be innovative, find new solutions and use the latest technologies available. We believe in effective teamwork and proper management. We want our people to feel motivated, challenged, and enjoy their time at work. Should we mention more?


Here at Triodor innovation is really important to us. We want to provide unique solutions for our customers to help them make a profit and be more competitive in the market. But innovation is not only important to us because of our customers. We want to provide an innovative working environment for our people where they are constantly challenged to create something new and unique.


Effective teamwork is also very important for us since our projects are conducted in teams of developers and engineers. Each team has a professional manager whose responsibility is to organise the team and to ensure that everyone understands the goals and objectives. Effective teamwork further helps in providing professional software solutions for our customers, but also gives a clear and structured working environment for our people.


Our innovative working methods ensure an attractive working environment. In addition, we want our people to enjoy their time at work. It is important for us to keep our people properly informed about everything happening in the company and also to give them time to relax and have fun by organising different kinds of social events.


In being innovative, using the latest technologies and having proper teamwork and management operations with a hint of fun mixed in with the work, we ensure that Triodor Software R&D is challenging and at the same time an enjoyable place to work.


 Innovation in software solutions and working methods
 Taking advantage of the latest technologies
 Constant challenges
 Work combined with a little enjoyment