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Introducing our people

The people are the core of an organisation. We therefore recognize our people as a major part of our success and are very proud of our constantly growing team of energetic, enthusiastic and talented people who are all professionals in their field. Our people work in teams and the close teamwork ensures the friendly, warm and relaxed atmosphere that we desire to achieve.


We would like to give you the opportunity to get to know to some of our people in order to give a proper idea of what it is really like to work at Triodor Software R&D. Let's face it, the best way for you to understand what kind of company Triodor is and what our people think of their jobs, is to hear about it directly from them. We have therefore interviewed a number of personnel about the company and about their jobs and refer you to the following:


Bilge Öz


Q: What do you generally think about the game development project and the team?
A: I like games and playing games, but the game development project does not differ much from other projects. The project type is nice because the customers are in the game development industry so they are good people. However, since the games are created in PHP the project does not differ so much for example from website creation. The team is working well together and I like the friendly atmosphere we have.
Selda Ünalmis

Q: Why did you start working at Triodor and why are you still here?

A: I started working at Triodor as an intern and now I am a Test Engineer. I have kept working here because I believe that sincere and helpful people at Triodor have positively affected my self-development process. My vision has also improved owing to my participation in various projects. I think I have learned more here than during my studies at college. I can say that Triodor has become like a second university to me.



 Videos coming soon!