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Cooperation with customers and partners

We have a constantly growing customer base and our customers and partners represent several different industries. We have customers from the agriculture and logistics industries as well as from game development, E-Commerce, electronics and many more sectors. Here are messages from some of our customers to give you an insight into what we do for them and how our co-operation is working:


OneTwoGaming, Marcel Dumont:

"Key Games Network BV is a social gaming company based in The Hague, The Netherlands. We run a number of gaming portals, one of them being the number one within the Netherlands. We also publish a number of MMO games, through our subsidiary OneTwoGaming. We came in contact with Triodor when we were looking for options to expand rapidly and to professionalise our development capacity. We could not reach the quality and quantity of developers we wanted in the Netherlands and believed that cooperation with Triodor would enable us to achieve the desired results. Altogether our current projects include maintenance of a number of long-running projects, transition of our portal CMS to a service based architecture and the development of a number of new MMO concepts. Having a partner, who can think with us, is a very important factor to us. This is exactly what we experience when working with the teams at Triodor."


Lely, Serge Loosveld:

"Lely produces agricultural machinery for dairy farmers. Our company provides dairy farmers and contractors with solutions for fully automated milking and feeding. In 2006 we started a turnkey project with Triodor, to develop a web-based management information system for dairy farming. Within one year, a joint venture was established to develop a long-term mutual commitment. That has worked out extremely well. Our development group in Istanbul works on a variety of projects, from web-based solutions, terminal applications (HMI interfaces), mobile applications, to embedded control software for machines. The Triodor teams work closely together with their 'colleagues' in Holland. As our way of working is based on Scrum methodology, there is intensive contact between Holland and Istanbul at the beginning and end of each iteration. We interact on a daily basis through web conferences but we also meet frequently in person, owing to the short flight from Istanbul to Amsterdam."


NDA, Dirk Lahuis:

"NDA and its associated members operate in the flat roofing segment. We design, construct and maintain flat roofs all over the Netherlands. Our cooperation with Triodor started after a good intake with Mr. Atilla Aytekin, the CEO of Triodor. After a business study, we concluded that there was a common base to begin a cooperation, which started with the design, building and maintenance of EAP software and the resale of it in a long-term cooperation. We develop, build and maintain software to sell, calculate, plan and execute projects including maintenance. The software modules also contain a complete quality management and safety module, which is an integrated part of the quality and safety management tool. Our cooperation with Triodor has been very positive. Their strong customer and business orientation makes them a long term business partner and the result-orientated company culture makes it a very good partner to deal with."

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