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 Board of Directors

 drs. Atilla Aytekin

 ir. Umut Akpinar

  Dr ing Salih     Hikmet Cosgun

Our company 

The story of Triodor Software started in 2003 when three entrepreneurs of Turkish origin living in the Netherlands realised their dream of establishing a software sourcing company. Nowadays, after a rapid growth, the company provides outsourcing solutions globally for customers situated in the Netherlands and Western Europe.
From just a handful of employees in 2003 Triodor has grown rapidly and currently the Triodor family consists of more than 170 people. Most of us, about 140, work at the Development Center in Turkey and the remaining 30 employees are based at the Headquarters in Amsterdam. The sales, marketing, new business developments, business consultancy and management are handled at the Headquarters in Amsterdam, whereas development operations are conducted in Istanbul. For development operations we create dedicated teams with professional software developers and engineers. These teams use different information technologies and programming languages to provide high quality, cost-effective and high value-added solutions for our customers. This enables our clients to focus on their primary business, thus increasing their profitability, productivity and competitiveness.

We are highly competitive in the market, which enables us to grow even more and offer high quality solutions for our customers. This is the reason why we are able to offer a dynamic working environment for our people with constantly changing and innovative projects that involve working with the latest technologies, as well as a place in a company with a great future.



Our vision is to become the first choice in the international market for the most qualitative and cost effective software projects and strategic alliances.



Our mission is to become an integral part of our customers' value chains and to alleviate their software development processes, thereby ensuring that they are able to focus on their primary business and hence potentially become more successful.


Corporate Values

‘Trust, excellence, daring, responsibility and enjoyment’, are our common corporate values.


  Triodor Software is a global sourcing company based in Amsterdam and with a Development Center in Istanbul. 
  Triodor Software provides high quality, cost-effective and high value-added solutions for customers.